The right tools to move your project forward!

You want to decarbonize your DHC system, but you do not know exactly how? Or you already have some concrete ideas? Then you are sure to find a suitable tool here that will help you!

Many research projects and other institutions have already developed some useful tools and guidelines on the topic of decarbonizing DHC, which are available online and free of charge. The RES-DHC project elaborated this online toolbox out of them.

Guidelines for the Simplified Evaluation of the Potential for Renewable Heat

The guidelines provide an overview of the necessary information that is important for a development of DH projects and their financing. By presenting the most important questions for each key topic, the tool lays the foundation for a potential analysis.

Heat Roadmap Europe

Within the interactive map a large variety of information about district heating in different European countries is provided. While general information about guidelines on European level can be found, also specific details on each country can be downloaded.

Virtual Study Tours

An online collection of videos is offered about district heating and cooling networks run on renewable energies. It includes 10 different examples of DH systems in Europe with different energy sources like biomass, solar thermal energy or waste heat. The videos are available in different langugages.

Simple Heat Pump Calculation

This Excel calculation tool offers the economics calculation of electrical heat pumps in district heating networks. Its purpose is to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of a heat pump in an already existing grid with a solar thermal plant.


The map allows the user to get a first overwiev of the heat demand in European regions. Additional information about the district heating potentials can be gained by using the different calculation tools.

Quality Management System Documents and Tools

Several documents provide quality management system tools for DH systems. This tool box support a more efficient realisation and operation of DH systems with a large variety of renewable energy sources.

Database for solar district heating plants

The tool is a database with 195 individual solar thermal plants in various countries. Information as the owner, the geographical location and technical specifics are listed.

Performance Assessment of District Energy Systems

The tool consists of a paper which proposes a methodology for calculating different DHC key performance indicators (KPIs), distinguishing between heating and cooling ones. As a result, performance analysis of combined DHC systems gets easier.

THERMOS Software

The tool allows to model DHC systems and their optimal design by gernerating het and cold maps. It inclues a broad range of functions like the modelling of pipe and digging costs as well as a network supply model.

Guidelines for Solar District Heating Systems

These guidelines describe the implementation of medium to large scale solar thermal plants in existing district heating systems in cities. Key problems and steps, which follow the decision making progress are included.