In the framework of the European project ‘RES-DHC’ (, IREN and Ambiente Italia have recently launched the Italian RSAG (Regional Stakeholder Advisory Group), which involves numerous stakeholders on the topic of district heating and cooling from renewables.

The RSAG kick-off meeting was held on June 7th, 2021 with the participation of about 30 delegates from utilities, local authorities and research centers. Thomas Pauschinger, the project coordinator and researcher at the Steinbeis Research Institute for Solar and Sustainable Thermal Energy Systems from Stuttgart, also gave a speech about the state of art and the outlook of RES-DHC in Europe and Germany.

The RSAG will play an active role in the definition of strategies and ideas for priority actions aiming at increasing the use of renewable energy sources in district heating networks in Italy.

At least six meetings will be scheduled during the project, which has a duration of three years, and the next one will probably take place at the end of 2021.

Text: IREN and Ambiente Italia